Facial skin cleansing

The procedure is done using AHAs products. AHAs soften the skin, help to remove the layer of dead cells, which stimulates cells in deeper layers of the skin (regeneration). As a result, the skin becomes healthier, tighter and firmer. They also have effect on the sites of inflammation. Facial cleansing is combined with mechanical skin cleansing or ultrasound.

The procedure effectively removes dead skin cells, removes comedones during extraction, promotes skin regeneration, has an anti-inflammatory effect on skin, and enhances its immunity. Inflammation of the facial skin is affected not only on the skin surface, but also in the deeper layers of the skin. The skin’s immunity gets better and skin’s colour looks healthier.

The procedure includes:

  •          Removal of makeup.
  •          Acid peeling with AHAs, which is chosen during the procedure according to skin type.
  •          Mechanical skin cleansing, which can also be combined with ultrasound.
  •          Serums, selected by a specialist, are injected into the skin.
  •          The mask is applied before the procedure is finished.

This procedure is recommended when the skin is affected by pimples and acne, and when it is sensitive, dry or prone to redness. When you want to brighten and tighten it, get rid of existing pigment spots. When pores are dirty or when wrinkles are corrected and scars removed.

This procedure utilizes professional tools that help to combat the problems both on the skin surface and in the deeper layers of the skin.


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