Procedures for face with dilated capillaries

This procedure is for the skin, which is often becomes reddened, irritated, has a lot of dilated blood vessels on the skin surface. There are a number of reasons: heredity, frequent temperature changes coming from cold to warm premises), high temperatures (work in places where the air is hot, wet or very dry), frequent and long exposure to the sun, alcohol.

The AHA acids used in the procedure are selected by skin type: for sensitive skin, lactic acid is used and glycol for other skin type. Glycol works particularly well on the walls of capillaries, strengthens them and increases the skin's resistance to environmental factors. They do not violate the integrity of the skin and increase the penetration of other active ingredients. The serums used in the procedure include tetrapeptides, which have skin inflammation and anti-redness properties. Telangyn peptide blocks inflammatory reactions. Whitening, alginate face mask with vitamin C promotes skin regeneration, soothes irritated skin and restores healthy skin condition. After the course of the procedures, there is a noticeable decrease in facial redness.

During the procedure:

• Performing remove of make-up.

• Adding AHA acid selected by skin type.

• Introducing serum according to skin needs.

• This procedure is recommended when using a capillary mesh or frequent reddening of the skin.

The procedure is recommended for people of all ages and gender, whose facial skin is affected by redness and irritated skin.


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