Intensively moisturizing facial procedure

The procedure is carried out using the lactic acid line. This acid stimulates skin regeneration, intensely moisturizes and brightens the skin of the face. Lactic acid enhances skin resistance to negative environmental factors, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. The active ingredients used help moisturizing the skin from both the outside and the inside.

During the procedure:

• Performing remove of make-up.

• During peeling, dead skin cells are removed, so active ingredients of the used serums and masks penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

• Hyaluronic acid concentrate is gently massaged into face skin during moisturizing facial treatment. The product contains large molecular and small molecular hyaluronic acids absorb moisture and hold it in the skin. This restores the skin's moisture balance, makes the skin softer, more elastic, firmer, with fine and deep wrinkles.

• ODA moisturizing alginate mask is also used to enhance the effectiveness of the procedure. The mask that is firmly attached to the skin is characterized by a "closed-loop" effect. In this way, microcirculatory and metabolic processes are stimulated to ensure even more moisture saturation of the skin.

Intensive moisturizing procedure is recommended for dry, sensitive, dull, dehydrated skin with pigment spots, chaps, and coarse.


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