Rejuvenating facial skin procedure

The rejuvenating procedure is effective for slack skin, which has lost its elasticity and firmness and for more pronounced wrinkles, pigmentation and lack of moisture. During the procedure, products of the Amber Acid line are used, which stimulate the production of energy in the cells, promote their regeneration and activate the immune system. The skin is affected not only on the surface, but also on the deeper layers.

Amber Acid removes dead cells very well from the skin surface. It has an effective firming effect: it promotes skin elasticity and strengthens immunity, strongly stimulates collagen synthesis. Therefore, the firmness of the skin, its tone, and the integrity of the face color improve.

During the procedure:

• Performing remove of make-up.

• Acid peeling with amber acid is performed - removing dead skin cells, cleaning the dirt and grease of the skin. Therefore, the products used are better absorbed into the skin and work more strongly.

• Hyaluronic acid concentrate and alginate mask are used dung the procedure. It strongly suppress moisture in the skin, give the skin firmness, wrinkles become less visible.

The procedure is especially effective for dry, mature skin. It moisturizes very deeply, restores skin elasticity, remarkably reduces fine wrinkles, makes the skin beautiful, soft and smooth.


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