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Set for acne prone skin, 7%

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For best results, ODA specialists recommend a minimal but effective basket of cosmetics products.

This set is specifically designed for the treatment of acne, problematic, porous, oily, often peeling facial skin. The set consists only of what you need most:

Active cleanser with glycolic acid 7%
• Effectively but extremely gently cleanses facial skin, helps remove dead skin cells
• Helps restore healthy skin's moisture balance
• Promotes skin regeneration, helps restore skin firmness and elasticity
• Helps to penetrate other substances in the washbasin

Regenerating acne control cream
• Improves the appearance of acne-prone skin, reduces the shine of oily skin, the visibility of blemishes caused by acne
• Suitable as a follow-up therapy after chemical skin scrubbing procedures
• Helps regulate sebaceous gland activity, reduces pores
• Strengthens resistance to negative environmental factors, promotes skin regeneration.

Cream with ichthyol
• For single, painful, long-lasting acne to disappear faster
• For combination / oily skin with periodically recurrent focal local rashes

Step 1: Massage the active cleanser on dry facial skin in a gentle circular motion. Use it specifically on dry skin because water neutralizes the acid and it does not perform its function to the fullest. Rinse facial skin with water.
Step 2: Apply the regenerating face cream evenly on clean and dehydrated facial skin. Use it in the morning and evening.
Step 3: Use the ichthyol cream topically, i. apply only on acne.

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Set for acne prone skin, 7%

Set for acne prone skin, 7%

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