How to book ODA cosmetics in website?
• Select your desired ODA cosmetics under "products".
• To purchase products you like, click the description of the goods, button "Add to cart".
• Once you open your shopping basket on the top of the Web page, you can view your list of selected measures, the number of products to edit or remove unwanted items. Once you have decided what you want to book, go to the basket and click on BUY. You can immediately open the registration window.
Where to register?
To shop in ODA site, you need to register. So you could be able to buy our cosmetics in the future with exceptional rates. You only need to enter your email address, user name and password.
Congratulations - you are a new customer of ODA!
For delivery, we will ask you to specify your address and contact telephone number. We use this information only for delivery purposes, without transfer to third persons.
When the order is accepted, we will send you a prepaid account and wait for your payment. It can be done to ODA bank account or electronic banking system, which will take you immediately to your bank site. DPD couriers deliver your chosen goods within 1-3 working days.
The reliability of your delivered goods is  taken  care of our partners - DPD (express delivery). This is - a quick and easy way to get your desired goods.
• One package price Lithuania - 3 Euro.
• When ordering ODA measures for more than 150 euros - Free Shipping!*

*Only in Lithuania goods that are sold can be return in 14 d. period!
Return policy:
• Return means: if the product is undamaged packaging container.
• The buyer  makes a written request showing that goods are missing some things or are bad. The application shall be accompanied by a cash register receipt or sales receipt or other sales of goods from the seller confirming the document

If you have any questions, please contact us by email or call +37068688281.
As well as all your questions will be answer  by the phone +37069981432.

Thank you for being with ODA!