Prekinis ženklas

„ODA is: reliable, efficient, time-tested, targeted to resolve troubling dermatological problems of the skin."


Sometimes time flies so quickly that stress leaves marks of fatigue and sadness on your face. What can help? Relaxation, positive emotions, and the nurturing and healing O.D.A cosmetics created in Lithuania using the latest innovations.

Lithuania is among the most advanced countries in the world, applying innovations to practice very quickly. More and more companies are becoming inseparable from the latest technologies.

Irena Jokšienė, the founder of the popular Lithuanian cosmetics brand “O.D.A”, is proud that her company applies all modern innovations in the development of cosmetics: “Our laboratory, where ingenious biochemists create products that are tested by professional cosmetologists, applies such innovations in cosmetics that scientific journals are just beginning to talk about. Scientific progress and individual beauty needs - that's the secret that makes our clients trust us.”

EFFECTIVE. The perfect formula.

“Our clients often complain about acne, dehydration, wrinkles, elderly skin changes, pigment spots, and cellulite. In O.D.A cosmetics, the balanced ratio of active ingredients and the excellent combination of natural and organic acids (AHAs) strengthens skin immunity, promotes collagen and elastin synthesis, activates regeneration and improves the penetration of active ingredients. The skin gradually regains lost strength and begins to glow. ”

RELIABLE. Tested in laboratories and clinics.

"Long-term impact and effective results are the most important tasks for us as creators and manufacturers. We take full care of your skin so that you can enjoy it not just today but tomorrow as well. O.D.A is more than cosmetics - it's the beginning of a new life."

CLINIC. Schedule an appointment.

Have a specialist choose the ideal O.D.A products for you. After all, what could be better than individually recommended cosmetics that specifically address your skin problems? Schedule an appointment here.

O.D.A does everything to make you happy with your skin.