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The word amber in Lithuanian means "to protect from disease." This unique mineral, composed of more than 40 chemical compounds and acids, has been used in medicine for many hundreds of years as an exclusive therapeutic gem that overcomes the most challenging diseases of the human body. Amber acid itself is a product obtained by processing natural amber in order to retain its useful chemical-physical properties. This acid is synthesized in our own bodies and is an ingredient formed from four carbon atoms. It does not cause allergies and, in a very short time, refreshes skin that is tired and affected by harmful environmental factors. In ODA cosmetics this dicarboxylic acid has a special significance because it is one of the most effective materials, having a strong anti-aging effect. The ODA amber acid peel is a procedure that is well-suited for mature skin facing the first signs of aging as it helps to overcome problems such as wrinkles and wilted skin. This ODA procedure provides effective results not only for facial skin but also for hands. It is a rejuvenating, fast-acting, and long-lasting procedure for tired skin.


Doctor Anatoly Malovichko has said about amber that, "It is unlikely that any other natural remedy can be as effective in such a wide range of situations." It is no surprise then, that amber acid is used for treating kidney, intestinal, and circulatory diseases, and in ODA cosmetics, is an exceptional source of youth and beauty for facial skin. This acid is a reliable and safe professional tool that ensures the skin’s vitality.


A natural product of the metabolisms of living organisms, amber acid is mainly active on the surface layer of the skin – the epidermis. In this way, the active ingredient destroys the connections between the dead skin cells – corneocytes – stimulates new cell proliferation and restores the health of the skin. Amber acid also opens up pores and increases the throughput of the active ingredients in other products used during skin peels. For this reason, a significant effect can be seen immediately after an amber acid peel. This is probably the most successful anti-aging procedure for the skin. We offer a unique anti-aging single-acid peel that:

  • gives the skin firmness, elasticity, and lightens, brightens, moisturizes the skin
  • ensures control over the procedure is simple because the amber acid line consists of only one – the safest and most effective concentration of acid
  • tones and revitalizes the skin
  • • makes it possible to achieve immediately visible results in a very short period of time.

ODA Amber acid peeling - one of the safest non-invasive skin procedures that do not damage the skin and provides immediately noticeable results. This is anti-allergy, an effective, comprehensive labour safety net procedure. Clinical studies have shown that amber acid:

  • has anticuperosis effect because acting on capillare walls elastic mechanism that tightens the skin
  • smoothes fine lines and facial wrinkles
  • restores the skin's moisture balance, removes edema area around the eye area.
  • enhances oxygen uptake at the cellular level; to make the skin continuously oxygenated
  • improves skin microcirculation processes
  • neutralize a wide range of free radicals, protecting the skin from harmful environmental effects
  • blocking inflammatory processes
  • regulates the metabolism of melanin, making it perfect for failure pigmentation process

ODA Amber acid effect - a healthy, rejuvenated skin of your client.

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