Exfoliating Facial

Exfoliating facial treatment

The procedure is done by using the products of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs soften the skin and help to remove layer of dead skin cells; it stimulates cells in deeper layers of the skin (regeneration). Because of that the skin becomes healthier, tighter and firmer. Also inflammatory spots are affected.Exfoliating facial treatment is combined with mechanical facial cleansing or ultrasound.

During the procedure dead skin cells are effectively removed. During the extraction comedones are removed, skin regeneration is stimulated, the skin is affected by anti-flammatory effect and the immunity of the skin is strengthened. Facial inflammations are affected not only on the surface of the skin, but also in deeper layers. The skin becomes more resistant and has a healthy skin tone.


The procedure consists of:


  •          antimakeup.
  •          Acid liquid peel with AHAs (it is selected during the procedure according to the skin type).
  •          Mechanical facial cleansing (could be combined with ultrasound).
  •          Injecting serums into the skin (serums are selected by a specialist).
  •          Applying of a mask (in the end of the procedure).


This procedure is recommended, when skin is pimpled and with acne, sensitive, dry or reddened. Also the procedure is suitable if you want the skin be bright, firm and without pigmentary spots. Moreover, the procedure is useful for unclogging pores, correction of wrinkles and removing scars.


During the procedure professional products are used. They help to solve skin problems not only on the surface, but also in deeper layers of the skin.


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