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We offer our clients only the safest and best treatments for skin disorders, with individualised plans based on time-tested scientific research, using reliable products and procedures and our extensive experience in the field of cosmetology.
Our main objective is to help restore the healthy balance of your skin and promote self-confidence in your natural beauty. That is why we use professional and highly effective ODA skin care products enriched with organic AHA acids, which are conceived and made in Lithuania.

We always use the latest diagnostic equipment, designed to determine the condition of your skin as accurately as possible. This means we can safely say that, thanks to the way we combine technology and the significant experience of our specialists, we can achieve amazing results – which are noticeable after only a few weeks of treatment.


ODA price list


Exfoliating Facial 42 € 1 val.
Anti-ageing Facial 42 € 1 val.
Intensively Moisturising Facial 42 € 1 val.
Melasma Facial 42 € 1 val.
Dilated Capillaries Facial 42 € 1 val.
Professional skin analysis and specialist consultation 19 € 30 min.
Professional skin analysis and dermatologist consultation 30 € 30 min.
Repeated consultation during 3 months period 20 € 20 min.
Individual cream (skin analysis, formula creation, 50ml cream) 135 € 30 min.
Special prices are offered when ordering sets of 5 and 10 procedures


Zake-Leri Facial Massage 10 € 20 min.
Plastic Facial Massage 20 € 40 min.
Anti Ageing Facial Massage 25 € 50 min.
Deep Tissue Massage with Mask 35 € 1 val.
Japanese Kobido facial massage 40 € 1 val. 15 min.
Special prices are offered when ordering sets of 5 and 10 procedures

Hair Removal

Full Leg 25-35 €
Full Arm 15-20 €
Chin Area 7-9 €
Half Leg 18-25 €
Upper lip 5-7 €
Forearm 10-15 €
Underarms 10-13 €
Bikini Area (partial) 18-25 €
Bikini Area (full) 25-30 €


Eyebrow Tinting 5 €
Eyebrow Shaping 5 €
Skin Rebalancing Facial 6 €
IQ Chiromassage 7 €
Eyelash Tinting 5 €


Stretch Mark Removal 20-40 €
Back Skin Cleansing 30 €
Hand Rejuvenation Treatment 15 €
25 €
Special prices are offered when ordering sets of 5 and 10 procedures

Our team


ODA founder and managing director, senior specialist Irena Jokšienė


  •    Earned a biology degree from the University of Vilnius
  •    Spent a long time applying her knowledge in the medical field
  •    Worked as a laboratory technician at the Red Cross biochemistry laboratory
  •    Worked as a laboratory technician and deputy laboratory head at the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases (specializing in serology and immunology)
  •    Interned at the M. K. Kirov Medical Training Institute in Leningrad, in the field of immunology and serology laboratory diagnostics
  •    Interned at the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases in Minsk
  •    Trained at the International Françoise Morice beauty school in Paris.

She has over 20 years’ experience in the field of cosmetology, performing acid peels


Ieva Griškonytė, M.D.

A graduate of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences:

Master of Medicine and certified doctor 

Dermatovenereologist (Resident):

  • Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Klinikos, 2014-2018
  • Medical practice in various departments with qualified personnel

Practical skills of dermatovenereology:

  • Excisional/punch biopsies
  • Cryotherapy
  • Electrocoagulation 
  • Dermatoscopy (manual and digital) 
  • Photodynamic therapy, phototherapy 
  • Chemical peels 
  • Fillings by injection 

Beauty therapist Rugilė Jaudegytė

  • Faculty of Medicine at Kaunas College: professional Bachelor in Beauty Therapy and a technologist’s qualification, 2013-2016
  • Beauty therapist, SPA centre: unique experience in working with clients on health and beauty matters, 2016-2017
  • Seminars and workshops: constant participation in various professional improvement events, such as the Next Quality Anti-age Forum 2016 – the biggest event in the Baltics for experts
  • Japanese facial massage KOBIDO: a specialist’s certification, 2017 

Cosmetologist Vaiva Muznikaitė

  • A certified specialist of ODA cosmetics with certificates of I, II and III stages, allowing a professional to work with AHA acids;
  • Constant participant in seminars on organic aromatherapy;
  • Participant of the “Fusion Mesotheraphy” course;
  • Participant of Dr Renauld’s cosmetic training;
  • Advanced in using chemical scrubs to solve aesthetic problems;
  • Advanced in sugar paste depilation. 


Clinic in VILNIUS:
J. Jasinskis str. 10, Vilnius 

Working hours
I - V 10.00 val. - 19.00 val.
VI - VII closed

Contacts for personal consultation/registration:
Mob. +37068688281 

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